Wednesday, 17 January 2007



Have you ever seen a face that has looked more like a Landscape than a portrait? I have. take a look at the sketch on the left to see what I mean. This old man's face has so many creases and folds in it that if reminded me more of a country that had been much travelled in than simply just a face. Rivers must have at some time poured down those valleys in his cheeks, possibly even dripped off the precipice of his nose, maybe even collected in a puddle under his eyes.

Moisture may have dripped down from the forest on his head to lie in small dams amongst the thickets of his brows.

I was so inspired when I saw that face, I just had to draw it.
I have called it "the Old Man of the Sea" - I found the photograph in a very old copy of the National Geographic magazine. See this Article which talks about the Inspiration process.



Fizz .. Haven't been by in awhile, nice line drawing of the Ole' Sailor .... I can't remember if I pointed out this lady to you or not, but anyway take a close look at Linda Warner Constantino

She has a model to learn from .

Desiree said...

Wow what an amazing talent you have! You captured not only the look of this man but his spirit as well!

Robin - Erithacus rubecula said...

You are right...a whole life written in the map on the face..wonderful.

how much more interesting is this than the "remodelled" faces that are so unrelated to the life of the person behind them.

Buck's Fizz said...

Thank you Desiree. I appreciate the positive thoughts.

Buck's Fizz said...

Thank, Robin. I agree!

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