Monday, 29 January 2007


Apples on the Strand

Dick Blick Art Materials

Eggplants in the field Picnic with Red Pears

I often set my fruit in a landscape, hence the title "Fruitscapes."
I find the category title "still Life" rather inaccurate for what I want to portray.
The fruit in my town is bursting with life - it is hardly "still".
The pears are large and luscious and a beautiful alizarin, cadmium red.
The touch of alizarin gives them that slightly bluish tint which is as accurate
a description as I can find to express their beauty and juiciness!
The Eggplants, or "Brinjals" by which they are known here, seemed to be
enormous. I decided to give them the space they needed, so put them in a
landscape where they could "breathe". They are placed on a loosely woven
cloth imprinted with an image of a smiling sun - I deliberately painted the sun
upside down, like a negative impression on the cloth, as if the sun had
"fallen" out of the sky to lie next to the fruit. It is a slightly uncomfortable image
being upside down, but this is a deliberate conceit to create a more exciing
I'm crazy about lemons. have alook at some of my lemon paintings on my South African site


Women on the Verge said...

I absolutely adore your art! It's wonderful. I can't wait until I have time to explore you site and blog more! The link you asked for:
Enjoy.. and thanks for visiting our blog! said...

I am writing here because my email to you was 'returned to sender". I am supposing that you are the Viv King that wrote to me regarding this site and the Lemons one.

I have written a new post today and mentioned you and your blogs ... I hope that this is what you wanted.

I wonder if you might consider joining Art Blogs 4 U?

Sorry i cannot reach you by mail. I tried.

Good luck

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