Thursday, 26 April 2007


The Truth!
Well-now you know. This is me. In all my vainglory. Oh boy, was I angry when I did this drawing this morning- I had a haircut yesterday (Never my favourite pasttime)- I had to sit in that ghastly salon for 3and 1/2 hours while they did a "graduated bob with texturising and slicing"....??huh!
I have renamed the style, "Hung drawn and quartered" which I feel is more like it! I did this in 1 hour - I seem to draw better when I am angry ( that is what an old teacher of mine said once) I didnt know what she meant then but I do now. Tell me what you think!


leslyf said...

Hi Viv

well you may have been angry but this is a great drawing! You have not been very kind to yourself with the shadows on the mouth side of the cheek though ... maybe a little harsh. But its a very real lady that is looking at me from your page!

Well done! Excellent!

Viv King said...

Yes - you are right about the shadow, I shall fix it and repost.Thanks

Viv King said...

On second thoughts- no, I'm not changing it - we all have a shadow side! We must learn to live with it and control it - what do your think?

leslyf said...

Yep you're right .... not very good at controlling mine though (the shadow side!).

I have tagged you HERE! Hope you will come out to play!

Africantapestry said...

Good job on your selfportrait..
Thanks for the tagging...I already did it though, about three weeks ago. It was like a fever running through and just about everybody had done it.(thank goodness it is over!)
I read yours and I had a good laugh about Kiri te Kanawa...
Take care and keep painting!

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