Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Two Ladies and a football stadium

Hi everyone.
Please tell me what you think of these two ladies I did in a portrait workshop - I don't think the white face is as good as the black one- what do you think? our teacher recommended the following palette:
alizarin crimson, aqua blue, lemon yellow, ochre, light red, white and cadmium red - I don't think it worked too well. Any suggestions?
What do you think of my latest work about the Football world cup to be held in my city - Cape Town! I had fun with this one!


Africantapestry said...

I love the foorball painting...wonderful colors and great, playful composition. It would make a beautiful poster/brosjure!
And I do like the model with the dark complexion, she look exotic.
great work

choc mint girl said...

I like your blog. Very artistic. I think I’m going to visit you more often.

Viv King said...

Thank you 0 you are welcome anytime!

Artyfax said...

I know your teacher means well but your palette should be personal, take the suggestions as a starter. I like both portraits.

The poster (?) is fantastic, the colours are bright and the images are well thought out. BTW I see flipper has got out again :-)

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