Monday, 25 June 2007

This weekend I thought about Art style - I don't seem to have a particular style. I just paint what inspires or touches me in some way and I approach every subject differently - is that a bad thing? For me it is quite important to be sensitive to the subject - if the face that you are painting is a sad one should you not try and capture that - ie. if your palette is a hot one, using "hot" colours perhaps for that painting you could consider using a "cooler" palette and adapting your style to suit the subject - wild brushstrokes and a frenzied approach would be inappropriate. In this case perhaps a gentler, smoother hand would produce a truer reflection of the subject matter.
By the same token, too-gentle brushwork applied to a wild seascape would not be the correct style either- here one can be "angrier" - a bit wilder in applying the paint perhaps.
I did get rejected from a gallery a while back because " you have not reached your mature style yet" - I must say that gave me a laugh - at 53 years I am still regarded as "not mature!!" Oh well it made me feel a lot younger if nothing else.

Churning out the same old, same old paintings seems like a sorry state to be in and a very limited one. I suppose if I was suprememly successful and selling a painting a day I wouldn't be posting these thoughts. What do you think.

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Artyfax said...

I do so agree with what you say about style. I don't know how to define it, but I do know my own work covers many different styles. I paint what I enjoy at the time and if this means I do not develop a fixed style , then so be it.

I have heard that it can damage the prospects of galleries taking your work because they like to know what you are likely to be producing (for marketing purposes?).

If I see something I want to paint, then I will sketch it in several ways and decide on how to complete it for each particular subject or theme.

Nil Desperandum, John

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