Thursday, 14 June 2007

Use Colour as a key to unlock yourself!

Colour as an "opening" Key.

If you have "artist block" why not try this for fun. I have discovered this method after a few years of experience and it really works for me. It is really simple - almost childishly so, but nevertheless quite powerful.

Ask yourself "What color makes me really happy when I look at it?"

Take that colour and squeeze a GENEROUS (don't be mean now, that energy will go against the spirit of the exercise!)amount of it onto your palette.

Take a blank sheet of paper, canvas, board or whatever and spread your "opening" color around liberally- don't be shy, now - imagine it is honey on bread or butter on a scone or chocolate on your squeeze or whatever turns you on! Now GO FOR IT!! Don't think "Result" - THINK PROCESS- think MMMMM think OOOOOOOOH YUM YUM YUMMMMMM....take your time, enjoy the feelings it gives, those warm, happy feelings. This is the color you really love, right - it makes you SO HAPPY!! It's your warm-puppy color, your sweet-cookie color your hubbly bubbly color, Whatever!!
Try it - it really works

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