Sunday, 01 July 2007

Lady in Red

Lady in Red
This is a portrait I did in a workshop lately - isn't she beautiful. I called her "Lady in red" - I hope you like her. I think it is one of the best portraits I have done so far - I was quite pleased for a change - I am not usually happy with things - the whole painting went smoothly and I finished it in the workshop -just a few minor changes to the neck and she was done.
She is a distant cousin of My Lady in Pink
Comments please!


Artyfax said...

Hi Viv, I'm finally here.......

Love the portrait. The warm harmonies are handled so well, and the shadows look totally real. The drapery around the model and her clothes are so well modelled. Not quite sure what she's thinking but there is a definite hint of a smile.
You have particularly well managed the highlight on her right forehead (and the consequent contrast) with the almost hidden lines on the left (as the colours tend to merge).
Great painting, hope to see more - John

Viv King said...

A most constructive crit - many thanks!

choc mint girl said...

Hi, Viv! Hmm...At first I thought there was a flashlight or something on the neck. I'm not an artiste, but like what I've seen here. Well done!!

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