Thursday, 23 August 2007

Free chat rooms

What makes Wireclub different from Facebook and the many other free chat room sites around on the internet? The name, Wireclub, has a certain ring about it. Intrigued, I decided to have a look around at this up -and -coming new venue. I found it surprsingly fast-loading which immediately earned it 5 stars.

I am not generally a fan of free chat rooms . With a slow service provider like mine, the boredom threshold is great and if a site does not open immediately I tend to surf on without a second thought.. Wireclub has plenty to offer,however, from the usual Dating and Romance to special interest groups, like Art and Pets.
It is free to chat and there is a wide range of clubs.

I counted 26 categories, from an intriguing "Passions" group with the highest number of clubs (8785) to the lowest subscribed, "Brands" with only 4 clubs.
Clicking on "Passions" took me to an area with an obviously sexy vibe - I could only guess that whatever turns you on could be found here!
The second highest number of clubs belong to the category, "Music" which has 8785 clubs. I was somewhat cheered to note that a significant number of members indeed subscribe to the Hobbies, Books and Movies Categories .
What is noticeable about it is the feeling of community.
Wireclub's opening web page is well-designed with a simple, easy- viewing format. Options are spread across the top of the page which is not overly cluttered with ads. You find what you are wanting within a few minutes of browsing.
The top ten most active countries include the US, the UK, Australia, Egypt, Turkey, Canada, and South Africa.
It is free to join Wireclub and there is a well-designed page with the most popular and active cities in each country. Each city has a good selection of gorgeous guys and girls whose thumbnails are well-displayed across the page, all who look available for a chat over a coffee or perhaps after a good movie?

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