Thursday, 02 August 2007

Oranges and books

A new Painting.
These oranges looked so big and juicy, I had to paint them. The painting went easily in the beginning - it took about an hour to get the basic shapes and colours blocked in. The whole painting took about 3 hours to complete - I am not sure if I could do anything to the drapery in the front - I changed my mind about 3 times while I was painting it - the colour changed from blue to white to a pale yellowish blue. I hope it is the right one!

I would welcome your comments!

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Artyfax said...

Hi Viv, just been on a short holiday to Dartmoor near the south coast here i8n the UK. Just catching up on things.

I really like this painting, not into still life as a rule but you do seem to have got the colors right. The fruit is modelled really well and the background books are simply that - a background. The colour of the drapery seems fine. Any brighter (white ) or too blue (?) and it would have detracted from the subject, the fruit.

Hope you are keeping well, see you around - John

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