Sunday, 23 September 2007

If Life gives you lemons - PAINT THEM!

It all started with that great book "Driving over Lemons" by Chris Stewart - my obsession that is - with lemons. Something about the way Chris writes made me want to rush out and buy a farm in Spain and start growing the things. The Spanish dream never reached fruition, but a little lemon tree in my garden did - eventually - after I had kicked the trunk a few times, given it almost a Kg of epsom salts, swore at it daily, read it some poetry by Blake and told it that if it didn't produce SOON I was going to have it evicted.
Anyway it got scared - really scared- and produced a HUGE crop of lemons for me! I was thrilled and set about making my own lemonade and a hundred other lemon dishes. I also painted them.
You can also read about my encounter with a couple of lemons if you dare!

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h@n| said...

I've always loved paintings. Especially the ones as refrshing as the picture.

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