Monday, 08 October 2007

Do it Yourself Logo Design

I am a great "Do it Yourself " type. I am trying to build my own website without any help whatsoever. When I discovered this Do it Yourself Logo Design system I got quite excited.I realise that to have any credibility as a blogger, I need to get a new Logo which puts me above the competition out there.
With this easy-to-use system I had what I thought was a fairly credible Logo Design.
It was free to try out and I spent about half an hour playing with the settings. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to work the different size and color options. It is easily laid out and simple to understand. Though a lot of the logos were attractive and well- designed, using simple graphics like tree motif's and geometric symbols, none of them really shouted out as being the correct ones for my particular needs.
I imagine that they would appeal to blogs about Insurance, money-making blogs, plumbing or home ware, or bloggers who do not want rotating graphics or anything too flashy. However, for fine artists who are wanting something really special it doesn't really offer anything very terribly exciting.

The good thing about trying this Logo Design system out is that it gets you thinking about how important the first visual impact of your blog is and what kind of message you are sending to your viewers or potential customers. You can also see your design in Black and White which is an important indication of how effectively it will work in color as well.
Most of the Art sites I have visited have a really special "look and feel" to their sites. It is not necessarily the name of the site that gets your attention - it can be a simple graphic or widget that grabs your attention and stays with you for a while. That is what you can achieve with this Do it Yourself Logo Design system.
Even if your business is small and only appeals to a niche market, you still deserve a decent logo to distinguish your site with and this is a great way to do it.
However, I will still have to design a Logo myself if I really want something unique.

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