Monday, 15 October 2007

Exhibition Time!

Paintings from the top: A River is like a road,Greenpoint Stadium Go with the flow

I have been so busy lately setting up sponsored advertising on my blog that I seem to have lost track of what the original purpose of this blog is! Well it is still about my Art, the subject I know most about.
The South African Society of Artists' 101st annual exhibition at Kirstenbosch begins on Saturday 20th October, so the excitement is mounting - will we have better sales this year? Will my Art be well received? I had a surprise email a few weeks back from the mayor of Cape Town herself, Helen Zille who left a comment on one of my videos - my impression of the new Greenpoint stadium which is being built for the 2010 world cup. I was most surprised to get a personal message from her as she has to one of the busiest people around. I thought I would quote it for you here: My online alias is "Buck".
"Dear Buck

Thank you for alerting me to your artwork. Like you, the City of Cape Town is working to bring order out of chaos as 2010 approaches. Unfortunately your dolphin will still be laughing in 2010, because completing the highway bridge in your picture is not part of the City’s plans for 2010. Still, there will be many other lasting benefits that will more than make up for it.

Or you can see the videos I have made and read Helen Zille's message to me

If you would like to see the video to which she is referring to you can see it here.

I have posted the completed paintings that I will be exhibiting below.
The exhibition starts on Saturday 20th October at 12 pm at Kirstenbosch Gardens Cape Town and ends on Sunday 28th October at 17h30.
Opening times are daily 9h30- 17h30
See you there Cape Town!
Just a little explanation about the above paintings - they are all about traffic - Cape Town has a fairly severe traffic flow due to the steady influx of people over the last two decades or so. The original City Planners did not foresee the problems that would arise because of the difficult Geography of Cape Town - the city sprawls around all faces of Table mountain making road construction very difficult without interfering with the natural biosphere. As a result, a hodge-podge of roads has sprung up and some of the highways end in mid-air like the one in the painting on the left! The middle painting is a light-hearted attempt to find a solution to this problem by making some of the roads into waterways, providing alternate transport routes. Cape Town has two major rivers , the Liesbeeck and the Black River which with a bit of forward -planning and imagination could become waterways- or at least that is my view as an artist! The third painting is about air and water transport - balloons are a fun way of seeing the countryside. These paintings are not meant to be taken too seriously- just some ideas I had fun with!
Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed painting them!


SiR said...

I love your site. Keep it on a high level.

'Mystery Photo'

Tomas Karkalas said...

Wow, your paintings reveal your heart and the pictures shine. You share the light. I'm proud of being your respecter
My best wishes to you. All flowers of the world are eagerly waiting for the opening of the exposition for to become yours.

Joe Chiappetta said...

You have some great landscapes here. I love your style, and it's nice to run into a gifted artist.

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