Saturday, 13 October 2007

New Social Network site pays stumblers!

I have become an ardent social networker recently. I have met some amazing people this way and found some incredible art sites with images that simply take my breath away with their innovation.
The Internet has shown me that the world is full of highly gifted and talented people. Voices that may not be heard for various reasons are being heard. People who would normally go unnoticed are being noticed.
People who live in isolated places need never be lonely with broadband, which is a comforting thought if you have relations who live on an island or far away in a small village. Through broadband you can keep in touch on a daily if not hourly basis - that is of course, if you can persuade the members of your family to play ball with you. Mine wouldn't so I had to seek ball partners further afield as it were, but so far I have not been disappointed! I started my first blog about a year ago and since then I have discovered a whole new world of opportunities. I am gradually convincing my friends and family ( some of whom who live in the dark ages, technologically speaking!) that you can
Earn Money through Social Networking

More and more opportunities are opening daily as Social Networking becomes the new share investment program . By simply investing a few hours a day chatting with friends knowing that you are making money while you do is a pleasure! I could think of worse ways to spend my time.
Watch out Wall Street, the new age of SNO (Social Network Opportunities) is upon us. While the world sweats in anticipation of Global Warming, the bloggers of the world will be SNO-bound.
It seems at this stage that the sky is the limit if you are prepared to spend a good few hours of the day at your PC working at digging or stumbling articles.
I came across a new site social networking site recently that may well have DIGG and STUMBLE shaking in their boots. It is YUWIE. The interesting thing about this site is that you actually get paid to surf other peoples' blogs. Incredible though that may sound it is a very well-presented argument, given by a well-presented dude in a smart suit.

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