Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Internet marketing

Blogging is proving to be a hard task-master. Just when you think you've hit the mother-lode in traffic and you have managed to rake in over 100 visits a day, suddenly the next week you will find the number of visitors mysteriously dropping for no apparent reason. I would have thought that South Africa having pulled off a stunning defeat against Britain in last Saturdays Rugby World Cup would have resulted in an increased interest in all other things South African as well, but it seems not so!
In an attempt to understand this curious phenomenon I searched for some good blogging tips for improving my blog popularity recently. It appears that producing good quality articles less frequently is more important than just doing small low-quality posts more often.
Allinanchor is a marketing blog which offers advice and help with interesting input. Here you will find a wide variety of topics, from internet marketing to shopping online to ipods and midlife crises! Certainly a blog with choices and worth a visit or two. After a few minutes on this site I had forgotten about the Rugby and was moving on to the more important subject of making money. Maybe the Rugby fraternity in a post-victory euphoria will wake up and invest some of their huge earnings in some South African art. We certainly hope so. It would be small price to pay for all the hours we have spent in front of the TV and in the stands screaming them on to victory!

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