Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Reviews of Capescapes

Our Reviews
"You have some great landscapes here. I love your style, and it's nice to run into a gifted artist. The blog adds a whole new dimension to your art and what is cool is that your art is so good, the blog isn't essential to it, yet it does help to add another level of understanding your journey."

"An intetresting journey noted on the Blog. Some good images and aneclectic mix of topics- well done and thanks for supporting NZ artists :-)"

"Beautiful site and blog, great creative paintings! These depict Cape Town life and more..very interesting and great color use! I guess this would be the 'other cape'! Good luck with your artwork!"

"hello dear, thank you for your kind words... i suggest you read robert hughes books, i am sure you will enjoy them very much. i visited your blog and looked at your art work: it made me feel like your country must be so inspiring for an artist! wishing you well.. cheers x"

"I like the site. Its a unique concept that loads fast and is easy to follow. The links on the left are subtle money makers that I also found interesting."

"An art blog-what a cool concept! What i like about it is its simplicity. If you want to read about art, you can go here and feel at home!"

"You have a great looking site filled with plenty of good info.I like the most that its right to the point and very easy to understand. Keep up the great work and I wish you the best of luck."

"Hi Viv...I really think your site is great! You offer a diverseness, between your art and showcasing others and blogging..Paint the lemons..ha ha, I enjoyed your story on the lemon tree! I would like to also congratulate you on your art work getting exhibited..you do lovely, outstanding work, before ya know it, you'll be another rembrandt!! Continued success to you and thanks for the smiles! Thank you so much for your kind review!!"

"Superb site of original oils, photos etc. Loved the detail and the feel of your work! Liked the wide variety, and cleverly sorted into clickable categories. Only problem was the confusion with all the "cars" info..? Best of luck selling your lovely work!"

"You have a nice blog with a lot of artistic paintings, art techniques and tips for internet users and webmasters. Nice paintings, I really liked it. Your doing a good job. Keep it coming."

" Very nice but I wanted to see an enlarged version of the pictures. They looked beautiful. Any way to bring them up in another window? They really should be the focal point of your site. Might consider linking to a complete other page."

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