Wednesday, 03 October 2007

Wear you art on your sleeve.

"Plein Air" artists often have the problem of dodgy weather to deal with. If Monet were alive today I would imagine that the modern-day sweatshirt would have served him well as he painted the windy shores at F├Ęcamp on the Normandy coast. As he set up his massive canvases the wind blowing at his back,maybe a Hoodie would have seen him better equipped to handle the weather. With some of the extraordinary designs on the back of sweatshirts these days, he may well have opted to design clothing instead and worn his art on his back.
However this article of clothing has suffered a severe loss of reputation in London recently as it was the chosen dress for suicide bombers. There was even talk of banning them at one time. It is pretty easy to go unnoticed in a crowd if your face is concealed behind a hood.
However no bomber would go unnoticed if he wore the Ed Hardy zip-up tattoo Hoodie with Rhinestones. This is a seriously cool piece of hardware for your back.
Perfect for the type of guy who wears his art on his sleeve.

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