Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Is Digg anti-Art?

I have been a "Digger" for some months now. When I signed up, I was full of excitement at the prospect of making many friends, and looked forward to broadening my mind and discovering more wonderful sites in my particular sphere of interest - Art.
Of course I have other interests - Life, Women's issues, (as well as Environmental issues, politics, health,wealth, music, entertainment etc etc.) but Art, artists and art-making is my passion.
I noticed when I first joined, however, that when I submitted one of my articles about Art-making, that there was no Art category. The nearest thing to it was "Offbeat news" or "design" or "celebrity" Now, I do not consider my art offbeat - it is far too ordinary for that. Nor does my particular brand of semi-realistic oil-painting, even my Abstract Art, belong under the Design category, much less the "celebrity". Feeling a little peeved at not finding anything that suited my "niche" I nevertheless persevered as only a stubborn matriarch with a well-developed survival instinct (Having lived through armed car-jackings on my doorstep, house theft every few months, and sundry other minor daily mind-slaughter from living with teenagers) can.
In my experience there is plenty of Art around these days that is fairly mainstream and ordinary but nevertheless integral to daily life and I thought that the powers that be at Digg must be aware of the visual images that assault or seduce us on a daily basis, or they are blind, or indeed (surely NOT!?) prejudiced. After all this is America, right - the land of the Free and all that jazz. Anything goes, right?
So, I have dismissed these vague doubts and negative perceptions and carried on Digging away - adding to my Friends list frantically, sending out more and more shouts in the hope of getting support. I was under the perhaps naive impression that a site such as Digg, born in America, founded firmly upon Democratic principles, espousing the "Everyone is welcome here" ideal of Democracy would attract people with a broad range of interests and sensibilities like mine which reflected the broad range of cultures that exist in that huge expanse of territory.
Sadly it seems that I was wrong. The most Diggs I have had for any of my articles is about 16. I have tried to contact Digg a few times about their categorisation, but I am just ignored - I guess they really don't like Art. I must draw the conclusion form this that my blog is :
a) So boring as to be not worth reading to "Diggers"
b) Too many images and so not Diggable

I would welcome input on this - you are welcome to give your opinion - I am really wanting honesty here. I have decided that the response to this article will be my yardstick. If I get 20 or more votes I will stick with Digg, otherwise I will just support Stumble where I seem to be making many more friends who appreciate me and my stuff. I just don't have the time to do both. After all I have a family to look after, paintings to paint, animals to feed, a garden to tend, Christmas presents to buy, friends to visit (yes, actually have a FACE-to- FACE conversation with, preferably over a boozy lunch), a strict diet and exercise regime to attend to.....did I say a Life to lead....?
To those that did "read" me - Bless you and long life to you. To the rest - cheers, it was good not knowing you.


Anja said...

Digg started out life as a specialist technology, computer geek, social bookmarking site. It has only recently started broadening its interest. But not by much!

Don't take it personally that it doesn't support art articles.

Cooper said...

Exactly what the other commenter said. Digg is run by technology geeks who have very little to offer and I assume very little knowledge of intellectualism of any kind. The main readers of digg used to be tech geeks as well there is now some dispersion into politics and some news but very little. I don't imagine it will change. I have only recently started using them by request of some friends who put posts on their they want dugg.
I suggest stumbled upon by getting a toobbar and even

to name a few.

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