Sunday, 02 December 2007

Blogging is harder than you think

This is a follow-up post from a blog article that I discovered a while back which started me thinking seriously about what I blog about. Strictly speaking I should be painting rather than blogging - so why am I spending my time blogging? I suspect it has to do with some rather childlike part of myself that believes if you pray/wish/meditate/visualize hard enough you will get what you want. Now I think where I have been going wrong is the "hard enough" idea - probably goes with being a WASP and being brought up with the work ethic principle firmly embedded and pummeled into me since I was a kid. I think the real way to meditate is to empty your mind completely and just let the thoughts flow through you.
Then I also remind myself if I am stressing too much over getting traffic to my blog or whatever, just to relax, be grateful for what I already have, offer a prayer or wish for something and then let the universe do its magic.
I can remember my parents saying often - it's no good having talent - you need to work at it. While I believe the underlying principle of that theory to be sound, I sometimes find myself far too focussed on the results rather than the process of achieving those results. The effect is to make me always feel disappointed and disillusioned.
So I have decided from now on to stick to what I really like doing - what feeds my soul, what makes me happy what challenges, yet excites me and what makes me grow as a person. And that, dear readers, is my PAINTING! The process is such fun - the smell and feel of the paint, mixing up a vibrant colour, the flow of the paint on a good canvas. So if you notice a fall-off in the number of posts it is because I am behind my canvas, having fun!
Also it is now the December holidays here so both my boys are home on vac and I am the prime cook and bottle-washer around so I will be occupied with entertaining them and their friends, taxiing them around the town and generally being supportive. We are planning a little trip into the Cedarberg and a place called Hogsback over Christmas so I will be away from my computer for some two weeks- a prospect which sounds marvelous right now!
So, if any of you are having a well-deserved break I wish you all happy holidays and I hope you find what pleases you the most - otherwise, just "go with the flow" , which BTW is the title for the painting above which is an Oil/canvas, measuring 400x300mm and is for sale. Please contact me if you are interested.


jen_chan, writer said...

Happy Holidays!

In life, the first part of the journey is bascially trying to figure out where you belong, what you're good at... The second step is knowing how to use your talents and cultivating them. Along the way, there will be instances, people and a lot of other obstacles that can confuse you. I'm glad you have found your calling.

stanaxe said...

Creativity cant be bound and shackled like any nine to five to toe a tight line; it is the meanderings along hardly trodden paths that illuminate all which is buried within, only by following them can we release with new insight that which holds our first love; I sketch, not to well, when I should be writing; yet the act of sketching matures the story or poem and it writes itself. So in a sense I am a fraud, I only type it.

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