Friday, 14 December 2007

Holiday times.

Inevitably, around this time of year, my mind turns towards festivities. Although I do not regard myself as a Christian, I do subscribe to the general principles and teachings that that religion espouses, as I do to the general principles of most other religions that I know about. I am no expert on any one of them, indeed my knowledge of all "religions' is shaky and superficial to say the least.
However if I have a core belief at all, it is the power of nature - perhaps because that power is evident everywhere. Floods, drought, fire, earthquake, flowers, fruit, abundance. - these things all happen regardless ,or in spite of, human intervention.
I am also always in awe of the ability of Nature to rejuvenate itself. How quickly grass grows after a fire for instance, or how daffodils appear stubbornly year after year through grass that has been mowed a thousand times. How some things just refuse to grow even though I have fed and watered and nurtured them with every possible kind of compost.
So, there are times when celebration seems appropriate. This is my time for thanksgiving. For the abundance of Nature and for abundance in human nature.
In spite of Governments everywhere in the world who seemingly do their best to spoil this festive time by increasing interest rates, petrol and oil prices, or persisting in warmongering and inhumane acts, we will do our best to celebrate in the true spirit of thankfulness, while at the same time cutting back on our usage of our precious earth's resources. There will be more walking in the forests and appreciating the beauty of Nature. There will be more candles and less electricity. Where we are going there will be no TV or computers- just good old-fashioned books. There will be no canned music - the music we hear will be that that we ourselves make, with mouth organ and guitar around an outside fire with the light of the stars to guide us.
Till next year then. All good blessings and Peace to you.

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BillyWarhol said...

well said*

I feel the same about religion*

too bad it's been corrupted by Men*



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