Thursday, 10 January 2008

Audio books and advertising

Recently I completed a long car trip of 14 hours almost non-stop. I made the mistake of not taking the correct CD's with me. As a result we ended up playing radio stations which kept losing the signal due to mountain passes. The temperature reached 36 degrees centigrade and by the time we got to our destination I was hot and frustrated and ready to kill someone! If I had known about downloadable audio books then, the journey would have been far more entertaining. I could have listened to my favourite book or one I had not yet read. There are a huge range of online books available, from Harry Potter for the kids to marketing books for dad or mom.
This got me thinking about the whole concept of online audio books and who would use them and of course the concept of online audio advertisting. Then I came across an audio advertising system that helps you earn from every visitor to your website.
This sounded quite exciting.
It sounds like the ad lasts a mere five seconds. Today time is precious and people tend to cram every waking minute with activity. If you are listening to an audio book, your hands are free to do something else. You also can download MP3 audio books.
Places where an audio book would come in handy.

* The car anytime - specially on long journeys or daily commutes.
* The plane or the train.
* The gym during those boring training sessions.
* The office during lunch break.
* On vacation - just lie back and listen!
* The kitchen while you are cooking.
* Airport Lounges.
* Doctor's Waiting Rooms.
* Hospitals and Hospital patients.
* In you hotel room when you are away from home.
* Homes for the blind
* Old Age Homes.
* Entertain the Kids or the Grandparents.
* Detention Facilities.
* Listen to your favorite story while Gardening or Mowing the Lawn.
* Foreign Language Study.
* Need a laugh or something to cheer you up?
* Give an audio book as a gift or a present.

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