Friday, 11 January 2008

An effective Logo is very important for Business Branding

As an oil painter rather than a graphic designer, my skills lie more in the expressive fields, using large scale canvases and plenty of oil paint. I am not much good at Graphic Design involving painstaking details with a fine point pen! So when I was approached by an Art society to design and maintain a website , I realised that I would have to face my nemesis and set about creating a Custom Logo Design .

Moreover, it would have to be one that best befits a Society that has been in existence for over 100 years. As one of the artists in this group is already in her nineties I realised this job was going to require a superior Logo Design, one which best captured the spirit and intent of this auspicious group, and that would please both the traditionalists as well as the new up and coming young artists!

I found a possible online solution which offers a Free Logo and Business Card Creator. It is an intriguing system that helps you pick the ideal logo for your company based on a set of criteria - you must first choose the image which best describes your business. The images are grouped in three main categories, "High-Tech", "Bold" or "Flair" within which are plenty of images to choose from -eg. a flying eagle, a circus roundabout or a mathematical protractor.

To help you decide which logo is right for you , you answer a short questionnaire which determines your business character - this was great fun to do - extremely fast-loading and effective. You then choose from this your image based on the high-tech, bold or flair options. Then you can have some fun with different fonts and colors.The whole exercise took about 3 minutes, and you have a very clear picture at the end of that how to do your own Logo Design.
An advantage of this system is takes only a minute or so, without obligation or credit card registration, and it is truly free to try- no expensive downloading required.

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Tomas Karkalas said...

Thank you for the sharing of the valuable indeed information with us. I have marked it. At a moment, I can only to dream of starting my own business but I hope the time will come to use the personal logo.
I too am hard with graphic design and feel myself much better on canvas of huge size.

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