Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Paintings of Table Mountain

Are you longing for Cape Town? Perhaps you have left South Africa and are living on foreign shores but are hankering for a view of that incredible landmark that rates as possibly the best view in the world - the view of Table Mountain from Blouberg Beach.

I used to think that paintings of Table Mountain were "kitsch" - rather like plastic baby Jesus, rows of porcelain ducks on the wall, garden gnomes, that sort of thing. However I recently began to see that view in quite a different light - if I was forced to leave this country, a painting of table mountain may well be what I would want to take with me.

With this in mind I began a google search and came up with these examples.
This painting by June Hyman is the classic Blouberg view of Table mountain which I know well. I have often walked my dog along this beach and admired this view countless times. June has kept the palette realistic and simple.

In stark contrast is one by Nic van Rensburg called Psychedelic Table mountain. This is great fun and would suit a modern living space.
Table mountain has many faces - another view is this one by Jenny Brink which is painted coming in to Cape Town from the North. I particularly like the rich warm foreground, which is such a feature of the West coast in the Summer months.
A different view from Langa Townshipshows Table Mountain from the East side.
Another classic view is this one by Ben du Toit.
Given the popularity of this view it is surprising that so few Artists paint this view. It certainly is inspiring!

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