Monday, 04 February 2008

I sold a Painting!

The SASA exhibition was a great success - a lot of paintings were sold, including one of mine, Karoo Road, pictured here.
I was very pleased to sell a work even though it was my family's favourite painting! It also was the most expensive one of my paintings on the show which was even more encouraging, as the issue of pricing my work has always been a tough one.
I am never quite sure if my prices are market-related or reasonable. I constantly agonise about whether they are too low or too high, so this was a little affirmation that I am on the right track there.
I hope it will bring as much joy to the person who bought it as it did to my family.

1 comment:

Joe The Artist said...

Love your art - will give a review on linkreferral. You have a very pleasing site and your paintings are beautiful and expressive: your feelings come right through the oils.

Glad to see you selling paintings.

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