Sunday, 17 February 2008

Painting the Waterfront

I am working on some paintings of the Cape Town Waterfront. I took an early morning trip down there last week. I got there surprisingly quickly as I was travelling against the traffic. The sun had just risen over the water and the place was deserted - just me, a few sleepy seals and the odd security guard.

It was 7am and no coffee shops were open, so I wandered round taking photographs.

The Mall was also deserted. The first cafe opened at 9am.
I had a latte and then went home to print out my photographs. Unfortunately my printer had run out of ink so it was a few days before I began working on the paintings.

They are about 3/4 done now - I still have some work to do on the foreground boats and some of the buildings. I am in the usual quandrary over the buildings - how much to put in, how much to leave out. But being a forgiving medium, oils allow me to make mistakes or change my mind.

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