Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Jane Alexander

Harbinger in correctional uniform, lost marsh 2007
digital print with pigment dyes on cotton paper
Image size: 300 x 400mm
Paper size: 460 x 560mm
Edition: 60
Jane Alexander has for a long time been one of my favourite artists/sculptors. I once had the privilege of sharing a student commune with her sister, Lucy. I used to hear frequently about the exploits of her mysterious and somewhat eccentric-seeming younger sibling, who has since risen to superstar status in South Africa, and quite possibly the world. Here is a quote from Artthrob:
"Although best known as a sculptor for iconic works like Butcher Boys(1985/6), and complex, sculpture and video installations such as African Adventure (1999 - 2002), photomontage has always been a parallel facet of Alexander's production. Just as her sculptural installations may take a variety of forms, so many of her sculptures make appearances as characters in the varied two-dimensional tableaux of her photomontages, where she creates for them new environments, and proposes new relationships between them."

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