Tuesday, 04 March 2008

Escape to the Cape

Ok, ok ok, I know- I have not been blogging much lately. My excuse is that I have been taking a trip into thebeautiful hinterland of my country, more specifically the area known as the Western Cape. Even more specifically that part of the Western Cape known as the Blue Crane route which is a swathe of land bordered by Swellendam in the West and roughly reaching a little place called Vermaaklikheid in the South East.
Of course I was looking for inspiration - an artist's life is one which has to been finely balanced between spending a lot of time seeking subject matter, turning that subject matter into a working piece of art and then convincing others that it is worth looking at. Not an easy balance and, if anything, I tend to spend more time on the first-mentioned activity. I had no problem finding the inspiration in this case.

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