Friday, 18 April 2008

Alexa's top 10 Art Blogs

I don't get it.

This is the number 1 most popular ranking Art blog site on Alexa. The top picture shows a guy jumping off a building. You have to scroll down quite far before you see anything resembling art -on the way down you trip over a few "Russian beauties". Beneath them are some rusty old ships buried in ice, before you stop over in a castle. Only after your mouse begins to squeak with scroll-fatigue do you get to the real thing - in this case some tooth-pick sculpture and art made out of nails. This is more like it - some real creativity!

The sites ranked in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place were about Home decoration, Papercrafts and "Open Culture". No paintings.

Fifth place goes to Mr Squiggle- call me square or whatever....what do you think?

A film-production blog ranks sixth. Ok this makes a bit more sense to me - though still not exactly Fine Art, but then, I don't much like "Anime" either, so that tells you what my taste is I guess.

At number 7 is Gen Art Pulse which, in my opinion, stretches the concept of Art somewhat. More of a travel blog. Don't go here if you want to see paintings. Do go here if you want to read about adolescents travelling in the country.....say no more.

Number 8 goes to Head Butler, a site about everything but paintings or Art - movies, books and cooking. OK - Cooking is an Art form, but can reading be called Art - not sure...and still no paintings. I am growing despondent....

HAH!! AT LAST - SOME REAL PAINTINGS!!. Just when I thought it was time to revisit my notions of Art and check in to either Rehab or an Institution specialising in the Art of Undoing Outdated Perceptions I finally hit paydirt. Blog no. 9 opens with beautiful portrait gracing centrestage, reminiscent of Scarlette Johannssen in the Girl with the Pearl Earring. HAH, I thought- a painting at last.
Then on closer observation, I realised this was a photograph, not a painting. OK, call me picky again, but the label for this post said "Painting/Photograph." Not a single painting on this link.

So there you have it. The top 10 Art blogs on Alexa. Not one painting blog amongst them. Oh well, guess I'll have a good excuse for not producing a painting for the up-coming SASA exhibiton. I'll just tell them I'm going to send them a Photograph, watch a movie, or better still, take a drive in the country with my adolescent son - much more Arty and guaranteed to get me a place in the Alexa Top 10 art weblogs...sigh....

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