Wednesday, 09 April 2008

Another great Cape Town artist!

I had the privilege of spending a weekend in the company ofAndrew Putter, a Cape Town artist and art teacher. Andrew impressed me not only because he is a remarkable artist, but because of his warmth and integrity as a teacher. I watched as he counselled and advised a young teenage girl who was on the cusp of life as a young artist. His empathic skills were notable as he listened with all attention to her dreams and aspirations, giving her all his attention.

Andrew's recent video-installation Secretly I will love you more was acclaimed by almost everyone as absolutely the best piece on Spier Contemporary 2007, the new national survey biennial which debuted on the Spier Wine Estate last December. Putter was one of the seven winners.

In this work Putter revisits the relationship between Maria Della Quellerie, wife of Jan van Riebeeck, first Dutch commander of the Cape of Good Hope, and Krotoa, daughter of one of the 'Hottentot' chiefs at the Cape. The video installation portrays the affectionate relationship between the two women, challenging the sometimes skewed, stereotypical assessments of Colonial rulers attitudes towards "slaves" which are fed to South African children in today's History books.

This is Andrew's beautiful study in charcoal on paper entitled Fragipane:Rose - one of his older works from 1988

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