Sunday, 11 May 2008

Painting for mother's day

It's Mother's day today in my country. I have been working in my studio listening to Joni Mitchell singing "Clouds" from one of her more recent recordings. Her voice is mellow, smoky, plaintive, a little melancholy. What a great song and a fitting tribute to mothers, perhaps. At least that is what I feel today - a lot older but not much wiser. The line, "I really don't know life at all" rings true. It is a puzzle, a mystery.
My painting began as a collage last week in a workshop- I sprinkled beauganvilla blossoms over a board and glued them on over embossed toilet paper, lavender sprigs and some magazine images of flowers.
During class I painted a nude over the collage but I wasn't happy with it and took it home to work on it in my studio. I threw some paint around and tried a wash of walnut wood-stain. I began to get excited at this point because it was looking more "together" and unified, although I still couldn't find any images. I left it for a day or so and then looked again.
Now I could see some patterns emerging - a miniature landscape in the foreground and the figure of a woman. Then a strange mask-like face appeared and I worked with these for a while, drawing into the paint with a sharp ink pen. Then I uploaded it onto my computer and photoshopped it for a while. This is the result - a work in progress. What do you think?

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