Saturday, 24 May 2008

Table mountain and the Cape Town Waterfront.

These are all the Waterfront Paintings I have painted this year so far.
I worked much more carefully than I usually do, being careful to get the window frames properly aligned and not smudging the building outlines! This is a new way of working for me as I am usually quite loose.
These paintings attempt to capture the Waterfront in its various moods, from dawn to dusk. In the early morning, the light falls on the mountain and the colours in the water are amazing. I used alizarin crimson in a wash to get a sort of transparent feel. I liked the effect on the right hand building which is a deeper orangey tone than in daylight. I exagerated this a little to emphasise the romantic feel of the setting!
In the evening the sun sets behind the mountain casting a sort of orangey glow on everything.
In the daylight the colours are bright and uncompromising and the sea looks dark greeish blue. I painted people walking on the wharfside. Being a hotspot for tourists I felt I needed to get a feeling of the crowds and people lunching in the many cafes that line the waterfront.

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