Thursday, 09 October 2008

I sold a Painting!

What a feeling!
I sold a painting at the S.A.S.A annual exhibition opening last Saturday. The strangest thing was that I had fallen in love with an oil called "Three men in Love" I had seen at the selection day, but it was a little beyond my budget. I thought about it for about 3 weeks and at the end of that period it was still haunting me.
At the hanging day I saw it again and thought I must have it. Before I could stop myself I went and put a red sticker on it.
The next day at the opening I was about to go and pay for it when I saw someone walking towards the pay desk with what looked like my painting of Chart Farm under their arm! To my delighted surprise I had a buyer! My painting sold for R5000 and the one I bought was R4000 so I even made a small profit.
What a great day!
This is my painting and I will post a pic of the one I bought when I bring it home at the end of the exhibition which is tomorrow.

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