Monday, 12 January 2009

Invitation to join a Metal Art Initiative

I have just received an invitation from a group of Artists who are part of an initiative to create art from landfill metals.
It seems to be an exciting project and has inspired me to depart from my usual oil/canvas medium. This invitation has come at an opportune moment for me as I am feeling very uninspired at the moment. I have been feeling rather despondent lately, knowing and feeling sure that I will be never much more than a "Sunday/hobby Painter".
Oh well, such is life and so when this email arrived out of the blue inviting me to join a world-wide project I was thrilled.
The principle of creating art out of found objects/landfill/refuse has always been close to my heart. Plenty of township artists do amazing work here with wire and sell their stunning creations at traffic intersections and in tourist shops. Here is an awesome example of a Harley-Davidson wire sculpture.
Knowing how hard it is to work with wire I so admire the astonishing expertise and craftmanship, let alone solid, hand-grinding graft that must have gone into achieving the finished product.
So, though I feel unqualified to be invited to be included in this enterprise I would like to know where I can get any old used metal hubcaps, if not for myself, for these wire artists who could do something wonderful with it. I would like to get in touch through email preferrably with any metal artists who may be interested in finding out more about this project with a chance of getting some exposure. What I will do is then forward their details to the Project Manager of this initiative.
Please contact me at if you can help!

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