Sunday, 01 March 2009

African dreams

"Skeletons in the cave" and "old bones"

"Thinking of the future","Looking ahead", and "Sangoma in training"

"My past is behind me"(oil/paper; 900x600mm)

Last year I did not blog a lot, due to the fact that I was concentrating on my painting and had little time for anything else. I spent the year trying to find a theme that I could really get my teeth into. I usually have trouble concentrating on a particular theme for various reasons. I suspect that as a child I may have suffered a little from Attention Deficit Disorder which was unknown in those days!

From March to October I attended a weekly workshop with a group of artists painting from life. At the end of the year I bundled up all my sketches and drawings from these sessions and forgot about them. Last week I unrolled them again and examined them for any signs of a theme. It is quite difficult to find a theme in your own work, as you tend to be rather too subjective about it, but as I examined these paintings I found that there was an inkling of something that linked them together as a body of work. The paintings that I show here are what I consider to be the best of the bunch.
South Africa is experiencing huge changes politically at present. With a general election looming, times are interesting. The old "Struggle Politics" mentality of the post-Apartheid days seems to be dying and new orders and parties are springing up almost daily. Cope is the main player, though I have a sneaking suspicion this is a red herring created by Mbeki to make South Africa look like a thriving democracy. I suspect that the ANC and COPE will reunite after the election! I hope I am wrong but somehow something does not seem above board with daily defections to and fro on both sides.

Artistically I cannot help but be influenced and affected by what is happening around me and I find that my work during the last year seems to reflect these imminent changes. I feel that African women are going to play a more prominent role in S. African politics in the future and this body of work seems to suggest that theme.

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fiftypushing said...

I really love the pictures you are doing lately. My mom died in March and since she was ailing last November, I haven't blogged much, so I know how it goes. Nice to see that your blog is still here!

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