Friday, 20 November 2009

Magnificent obsessions

When I look at the work of some artists I realise that much of their art is informed by an obsession with something or other.
I don't know who coined the phrase, "Magnificent Obsession", but this definitely applies to most of the artists in Cape Town whose work I admire and appreciate.
Their art has a coherency, a consistency of theme and seems to reveal a message.
Look at the work of some of the artists under the link, "Cape Town artists" and see what you think.
Judy Woodbourne is a master of the technique of etching.

Some artists are obsessed with certain media or materials, or subject matter.

I don't seem to have found my magnificent obsession yet. I can only paint if something really touches me or moves me. These tend to be outside myself- landscapes, people, trees. Whenever I paint from my inner being or psyche it feels wrong. It seems that I only have access to certain emotions through paint- anger, frustration, discontent. All I seem to achieve then is a sort of visual whinge, which I couldn't inflict on an audience. I would be embarrassed as I feel that the viewer would hear this awful whining sound coming through the canvas which would be so irritating and painful they would not stay to look.
So for now, I will just keep on painting outer landscapes until I can get my inner landscape to feel more peaceful.

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