Sunday, 06 June 2010


I will know you.
I will know your coldness,
your cold flat face
with its dark cracks.

I will understand your determined bulk,
always smug, always superior
always there.

I will know your moods,
your secrets, your fickleness.
The way you disappear at times
Behind a flimsy veil.

I will know your contours, your caves,
your thorns and feathers, your curves and bones.

I will know your foreverness, your truth, your stolid, unmoving everness.

You remain unmoved by the deaths.
You challenge and entice me.

Strange, though, on some days
you cower behind a misty curtain
You almost disappear.
Only a tantalising glimpse of those provocative peaks
with their diamond nipples glinting in the sunset.
Teasing and taunting those who yearn to mount you
Hard harlot
Table Mountain

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