Thursday, 02 September 2010

Bring on HD TV.

The quality of TV programs is rapidly deteriorating, in my opinion. There is an oversupply of TV channels from remote corners of the world offering obscure niche-audience material on the mating behaviour of Yaks in the South Yemin or how to cook gumbi without any of the ingredients.

With Direct TV, though, Sports channels abound if you are a Soccer, Tennis or Rugby fan. Woe betides if you happen to be interested in Curling or Hockey though. All the surfing in the world won't get you any joy other than a 3 minute slot at some ungodly hour of the morning.

Although my main interest is Art, I am also a Sports-lover and enjoy watching live Athletics, Cricket and Rugby. Direct TV offers a wide range of options from Sport to International channels and 38 movie channels. Surely somewhere amongst those one could tune into some decent Art channels.

Scrolling through the available channels I came across some interesting options, including Lifetime, Home and Garden channel, all the Discovery channels, Turner Classic movies, BBC America, the Biography Channel and even something called "Black Entertainment Television".

Like South African TV, though, it seems that American TV producers are bent on pleasing the Sports lovers above everyone. My search for dedicated Art channels proved fruitless. I would have to settle for the Entertainment channels which are abundant. My husband would presumable be happy, though, with the dedicated Sci-fi Channel!
It seems that Direct TV offers 160 HD channels, including the local stations, and most of the movies are BluRay quality. Most of the Sports channels are in HD as well.
Subscribing to HD TV is really simple and you can obtain a hassle-free quote for your business and commercial enterprises.
Various packages are available for business and private use. The entertainment package gives you over 11 movie channels for $39.95 per year which seemed like quite a good deal.

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