Friday, 12 November 2010

February in New York

If I were in New York in the next few months I would have so many great concerts to choose from. I could see Ozzy Osbourne    for as little as $95. He will be performing from Friday 18th February 2011.  Prices for this show can cost up to $125 which in South African rands is not bad at all. Coldplay  will be there as will Michael Buble and many more great acts.

St. Pete Times Forum Tickets is the place to book for these events, but unfortunately tickets can only be posted to the United States and Canada. However the range of tickets on offer through this website is awesome. You will find anything your heart desires- Jazz, Classical, Oratorio and of course all the sport you could wish for, even Acc Men's Football Championship Tickets if that is your preference, not that I would have any interest in that!

 Verizon Centre Tickets are offering you a seat for Lady Gaga, the Washington Wizards or the Trans Siberian Orchestra. I would consider seeing Bon Jovi who will be there in February.

As for Theatre, there is so much to see! While browsing through the St. Pete Times Forum Tickets I saw acts like Cheech and Chong (I didn't know they were still performing), A little Night Music, Amadeus, and a host of other theatrical delights.All I have to do to be there is to win the lottery and then I would definitely consider being in New York in February!

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