Sunday, 28 November 2010

Monsters in my artwork!

I am part of an Artist's co-operative Kihevi Art. It is an exciting stimulating art group which I share with 2 friends, Helga and Kim. We share ideas, books and inspiration about the creative process and we get together once a week to try out different techniques. We started with a clay workshop, followed by 2 monoprint workshops and yesterday we continued the theme with a collage workshop.

Throughout the workshop I have been aware of some dominating inspirational influences beyond my control, particularly the appearance of the word, "Chimera" which popped into my consciousness in the first clay workshop. While I was thinking about this word, I started moulding a monster with clay.

I have continued this discussion on Kihevi's facebook page. Come and look if you are interested in the creative process and what drives artists.

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