Friday, 13 April 2012

Chapter 1: Ruth prowse and Wendy Martell

I started fabric painting  classes with Wendy Martell in the Ruth Prowse school of Art in Cape Town in 1993, at the age of 40.

At that stage of my life I did not believe that I was an artist. I only wanted to express myself of some form of fabric or surface with paint or something wet and colourful. I was a full time mother and wife and my time was spent carrying young toddlers back and forth from Pre-school. I had little energy for anything too creative or demanding.

It seems so long ago now. My children are in their twenties. So much has changed in my life and my country since then.

 Wendy made us paint table cloths. I painted a large circular cloth for my dining room table. It was very bont- full of hydrangeas and hibiscus and leaves. Blues oranges, yellows reds pinks. I put it all in. Wendy noticed my painterliness and decided I needed to paint on canvas. I was thrilled to be asked to join her painting class in her studio flat in Tamboerskloof.

Classes were on Wednesday mornings. I dropped Thomas off at the Children's Workshop, Giles off at his pre-school in Weltevreden road in Rondebosch and make it to class by 9am.

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