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I started this blog because my family was sceptical about bloggers and blogging. When I started it I was over 50 and no-one believed I could learn anything about html, let alone blogging. In the beginning I felt it was a good way to document my work ie, my paintings and my artistic journey and to connect with others out there in the great global village who were on a similar path.
I started painting seriously after my kids were over 16 or so, having more time for myself at home. I thought that blogging would keep me busy. It has and it still does, though I am not a constant blogger. I have periods where I don't post anything for weeks because I am working in my studio making new paintings.
 Over the past few years I have begun to impress my family more and more with my efforts. Blogging stimulates the creative urge which in turn stimulates the desire to paint so that I have something to blog about. I suppose I don't have many "readers" as such, but that was not the main purpose of the thing in the first place. It was just a way to keep a record and so that members of my family who live far away can have access to me anytime they choose without the schlep of email.
My husband was particularly impressed when I actually received a cheque from an American Art site where I sell prints of my work. I find that in my home country it is too expensive to set up prints whereas the company I deal with in America takes care of all the admin side for me.

So, I continue to blog on in the hope that one day I will help someone with their own journey of discovery, or at least encourage other more mature people that it is never too late to learn something new!

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